Website Design in the Insurance Industry

In order to successfully engage their target base of clients, companies in the insurance industry need websites that demonstrate leadership, credibility, and competency. Here are some things that companies need to focus on in their website design.


The base objective that any website must fulfill is consistent and reliable performance. Pages that do not load correctly or simply load too slowly will be an immediate red flag to a visitor on any site. Above all else, the design process has to emphasize functionality and speed.


Companies need to be ready to connect with site visitors on PCs and mobile devices, so it is important to give sufficient consideration to a site’s appearance and features in a mobile format.


Insurance web design should integrate informative content that attracts site traffic. Articles about common insurance-related questions as well as general interest articles pertaining to specific industries can effectively capture visitors’ attention. Presenting this type of material in a site projects authoritative expertise and reassures people about working with a particular agency or carrier. 

Individuals and businesses entrust insurance companies with a lot of responsibility. First-rate web design and performance can enable a company to convey a high degree of professionalism and inspire confidence in prospective clients.